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EN Standard Firefighter Hood

Features: 1. The hood covers the whole head, neck, part of the chest and part of the shoulders. 2. The hood have face opening, starting above the eyes, reaches under the nose and chin is covered with the hood. 3. The hood makes sure free movement of the head, very comfort to the user, can be used together with other personal protective equipment, such as helmet and mask respirator. 4. The hood has adequate flexibility to suit all sizes and head shapes.
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Application: This hood is used during fire-fighting, to protect the head and neck areas of the fire-fighters from heat and flames. 


Material: Knitted fabric 50% aramid 50% CV FR fabric, 200g/m2, dual layers 



1. The hood covers the whole head, neck, part of the chest and part of the shoulders.

2. The hood have face opening, starting above the eyes, reaches under the nose and chin is covered with the hood. 

3. The hood makes sure free movement of the head, very comfort to the user, can be used together with other personal protective equipment, such as helmet and mask respirator.

4. The hood has adequate flexibility to suit all sizes and head shapes.

5. The hood has all seams by 2 needle stitch, and the connection of the parts to be with “cut & stitch”

6. The sewing threads of the hood is of 100% non-combustible fibers.

7. The color of the hood not fade on high temperatures. 

8. The hoods not melt, or drip or ignite, or break or gather more than 10% heat when at temperature 260 C


Technical Parameters: all details on EN 13911: 2004 test report


Quality standard: EC type accordance with Directive 89/686 / EEC, EN 13911: 2004

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