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Double Filters Yellow Gas Mask

YSE GMYD widely used in fire rescue,
chemical protecting, warehouse,
industrial harmful environment.
YSE GMYD is a professional respirator. etc.
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  Double Filters Yellow Gas Mask is air filtering device designed to protect wearer’s entire face and eyes, providing people with breathable, safety air in harmful, poisonous environments. YSE GMYD® gas mask sets new standards with regard to safety and wearer comfort for use by firefighters, emergency services and civil defense.


  • More flexible than other factory models,enable GMYD® gas mask to suit different preferences.

  • Provides a larger field of view than previous models and assure a larger angle of vision. 

  • With upper straps to make it easy to wear and remove while providing a tight and more secure seal. 

  • Offer unparalleled level of comfort and vision to the wearer.

  • Dual filters design enhance using time, improves weight distribution for better balance.


  • YSE GMYD® gas mask widely used in fire rescue, chemical protecting, warehouse, industrial harmful environment.

  • YSE GMYD® gas mask is a professional respirator that protects against a wide variety of gas: hydrocyanic acid, hydrogen chloride, arsine, phosgene, double phosgene. chloropicrin, benzene, methyl bromide, methylene chloride, lewisite gas, mustard gas, phosphine, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide. etc. 

  Performance Specifications

Technical Parameters

Model No: GMYD®

Standard: CE EN, ISO approved

Net weight: 1.04KG

Materials: PC + natural silicone + glass fiber

Working temperature: -2560

Inhalation resistance: ≤196 Pa

Exhalation resistance: ≤98 Pa

Vision rate: ≥ 92.1%

Binocular visual field: ≥80%

ODM ODM: original manufacture/ logo and pattern customization

Packing: One intactly packaged, 20 sets into standard carton

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