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[YSE Knowledge Point] What is Nomex?

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   YSE Knowledge Point: What is Nomex?

  NOMEX is a DuPont registered trademark for its familyof aromatic polyamide(aramid)fibers. This family consistsof staple fibers, continuous filament yarns, paper, andspunlac ed fabrics. Uses for staple, yarn, and spunlacedproducts include apparel fabrics to prot ect against flash fireand electric arc exposure; firefighter garments; fabrics andspun yar ns for filtration applications; insulation in fireresistant thermal protective apparel; rubber r einforcement; and in transportation textiles such as aircraft carpeting. Some uses for the paper products include insulation inelectric motors and transformers, wire wrapping, and honeycombed strength members in many aircraft. This technical guide focuses on produc ts and end uses for thestaple and yarn products. Information on other applications may be obtained from the Advanced Fibers Systems Customer Inquiry Center.
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