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EN Approved Nomex Firefighter Gear

Fire fighting rescue
Search and rescue
Aircraft/airport rescue
Wildland fire suppression
Confined space rescue
Building collapse
Product category: Structural firefighting suit
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  Description Of Firefighter Gear

  EN Approved Firefighter Gear is designed to protect firefighters against the hazards and chemical exposure of fire fighting in most extreme environments. Today’s fire fighting clothing must meet tough safety standards including European Standard EN469:2005. Other requirements of fireman clothing include being: thermally insulated, water repellent, breathable, flexible in nature, light-weight, high-impact, puncture, and tear resistant.

  EN Approved Firefighter Gear ergonomically designed that gives the ultimate in fit and comfort for the maximum number of body types. The coat features increased upper sleeve fullness and protected thumb area function.Similarly, the trouser features articulated knees and convex seams as well as shaped seaming to provide added flexibility when climbing, crawling, and bending.


  Features Of Firefighter Gear

  • All layers are breathable and with comfortable linings reduce the build up of heat.

   Built-in belt over the shoulder eliminates the shoulder seam and make a smoother line with greater comfort when wearing breathing apparatus.

   The short style coat is designed with ergonomic fit, the trouser measurements provide adequate overlap, there is no any gap between coat and trousers when rescuing.

   Tape configuration give extra reflective area also emphasizing style lines. The tape is breathable and stitched with meta-aramid braid.

   Fully articulated three dimensional ergonomic knee shaping which goes through all layers. Very flexible reinforcement fabric used.


  Application Of Firefighter Gear

  EN Approved Firefighter Gear widely used in the following sites:

• Fire fighting rescue • Search and rescue
• Aircraft/airport rescue • Wildland fire suppression
• Confined space rescue • Building collapse
• High angle rope rescue • Swift water rescue
• Trench rescue • Tool hoisting
• Shipboard and military fire and rescue • Other hazardous environments


  Specifications Of Firefighter Gear


Technical Parameters

Model No: FCEN-01®

Standard :CE &EN,ISO approved

Outer shell material layer:  93% meta aramid +5% para aramid+ 2% antistatic

Moisture barrier layer :  aramid felt with PTFE membrane

Thermal barrier layer:  Aramid

Comfortable lining :  plain poplin

Weight:  ≤3.22Kg/set

Damaged length:  ≤10cm

Renewal burning time:  ≤2s

Ventilation volume:  ≥5000g/m224h

TPP value:  ≥35.7cal/cm

Hydrostatic pressure:  ≥17000pa

Color:  navy blue,orange, yellow/khaki for option

OEM:  fabric composition/ logo printed according to your requirements

Packing:  one intactly packed, 4 sets into one carton

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